Installing ubuntu 14.04 server

Here I will show you how to install ubuntu 14.04 server on your system. Remember, server has no graphical interface to make things easier. This is command line only.

Most of my tutorials will be based on ubuntu server but I will have some desktop tutorials. and some windows tutorials too.


I’ve already managed to go off topic! back to installing Ainsey11…

firstly – before you even bother downloading it, you need to know if your hardware meets the minimum requirements for sed ubuntu to be run on.  This would be an 300mhz processor,128MB of RAM and 1 gigabyte of disk space.

Remember! this is the absolute minimum it needs to run on. I suggest for running a few services, and planning for updates the following configuration :

CPU – Pentium 4 or later (my file server runs on a p4!)

1GB Ram, although I would say 4GB is best

and 50GB disk space. I would suggest a few terabytes for file storage / backups


Ubuntu server only comes in 64 bit so your processor needs to be compatible with this.

once you have confirmed that your system can run it you will need to download the ISO file from ubuntu’s website.

The link to this is here

once this is done (assuming you’re running windows 7) you need to right click the ISO file and select burn disk image.

Pop a dvd into your disk burner and tell windows to burn the disk. When this is done you need to go to the pc / host that ubuntu server is going to be installed on, insert the disk and boot the PC. Some may auto boot to the c.d.. if not you need to change the bios to boot from disk. Your PC manufacturer will have instructions for this.

once it has booted it will bring up a screen that looks like this (click images for better resolution) :



Select your language, then press enter. This then brings up the below menu




Select Install Ubuntu Server, then select your language again


Then Location :




Now the keyboard options need to be set :


Then the layout :



Ubuntu will then load up the next part of the installer:






Then you will need to set a hostname for the server (or PC name)



Now to set up the account name you wish to log in with. By default this account has root (admin) access



then username









Then the password :





do you want to encrypt your home data?



Set up the clock





Then the partitioning :



part-3 partition-2


Once this is done, the system will install :


It will ask if it needs a proxy for the internet :



then set up update settings, I do mine manually


Say yes to installing grub to the mbr, unless you want multiple OS’s. Then you will need to select “no”





Now reboot and log in :




logged in