Hi again!

So, to follow on from my story about me and bitcoin, I am now involved in FireCoin.


Firecoin is currently in the Proof of stake stage, at a percentage of 1% If you’re not sure what this is there is a great article here

It is ASIC resistant, this means people can’t build custom hardware with dedicated software to mine the coin faster than people with conventional computers. The Coin got off to a shaky start but 4 people teamed together and resurrected it. these people are :

Tom14cat14, Cryptocointools, s3cr3t1 and drSnAzZy

If you see any of these people around on forums then remember who they are, feel free to suggest features, they want to know what you want.

There are only 97496.45054984 Firecoins available. It takes 60 seconds to generate a block.

Proof of stake starts at block 4000 with an annual rate of 1% interest. Come onto irc and get involved!  Join us on ##firecoin on or you can talk to us on the bitcointalk thread at :

There is a multipool available, and I plan to get it added to the mineshaftpool. It is also available on two exchanges so far, Bittrex and allcoin.They have a buyback program too so you can help increase the stability and value of the coin.There are even gambling sites available that use firecoin for the currency.Faucets have been released too. The con has some fantastic features. Make sure you suggest any you can think of, come onto irc, bitcointalk. or if you cant do that you can e-mail me with the suggestions at : and I will pass them on.

Recently there has been a weekly contest launched, where you can win free bitcoin. This weeks is 0.1 BTC ($60). More information is available at or

Happy Mining!


– Ainsey11