Crypto, Bitcoin and I


Have you heard of bitcoin? Chances are you will of heard about it if you’re reading this post.

I’ve been involved in Biticoin and Altcoins since the 28th January and by heck! it’s been an experience.

It all started on a late summer evening when a friend and collegue of mine told me about MaxCoin. I had heard of Bitcoin before and wanted to get involved, so I jumped on the maxcoin bandwagon. What a mistake that was!

MaxCoin was an altcoin released by a chap called Max Keiser, who has a large influence on the crypto currency world. So he tried to use that power and influence to sway the markets and make some easy money. However his plan failed, it was so bad it was hilarious. The launch failed three times and when they finally got it out and rolling it was pretty dyer. The network had security holes and the servers simply couldn’t cope. The coin eventually dropped of a few weeks later, with only really dedicated people / idiots still mining it in hope for a major money find.

By This time I had worked out I needed to join a pool, and I ended up with a pool called, it was a relatively small pool at the time but the few people that joined it through maxcoin spread the word and it eventually got really big, the dev team were quite good so the pool kept most of the miners after the coin flopped.

Over time I got more and more involved in the crypto world, mainly through chunky-pool. I helped with increasing amounts of HR work for a guy called Mogonzo. I kept going until the Pool made some bad decisions and made and unfortunate mistake and lost a lot of it’s miners, last I heard of the pool they were building back up again. I pop in every now and again to show my face. ┬áSo a freind I made in the chunkypools irc chat (ctrancher) decided we were going to split off and make our own pool. MineshaftPool it is called. So Ctrancher and I worked on it for a while, I still am working on it now.

Whilst all this is kicking off I manage to inherit a coin, so I had my own alt coin. It was in fact a world first, a 17 year old owning a Bitcoin pool and his own coin. It was a bit of a shame though because the coin was dying, the community had given up. the dev’s had given up and somehow I ended up with it. I took one look at the code behind it, it was so bad I was surprised it even worked to start with. I did the best thing to that coin and killed it off. I think I still have a few million of the coins in a wallet somewhere on a server… If you want any stoopidcoin then I’ll happily give you some.

One of my friends and work colleagues – beecho01 wormed his way in and helped out with the artwork for the website and some of the web coding. Meanwhile Ctrancher got a new job and was working more and more hours. So we started to see less and less of him, it was a real shame as he is a really great guy to have around. I still e-mail him every now and then to make sure he’s still alive and kicking. With any luck he’ll have to work less hours soon and we’ll start to see more of him again.

We still haven’t finished the pool yet. But we’re working on it. You can check it out at :

Now I still lurk around on the irc channels on freenode, tweet the occasional thing and just keep things ticking over… Until a few days ago. I received a direct message on twitter from @firecoinx15 about a coin called firecoin and I couldn’t wait to get involved. So here I am, now getting involved in yet another coin. Let’s hope this one takes off!

You can read more about firecoin on my firecoin page (see the menu above)


I will keep adding to this with my adventure though.


– Ainsey11