If you’re a previous reader of my blog, you may remember I used to run it on wordpress. I’ve come to hate wordpress for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Slow
  • Security nightmare
  • Has to run with a DB behind it, creating backup overheads
  • Can’t be version controlled via git
  • Upgrades are hit and miss
  • Plugins are a “freemium” nightmare

I have often contemplated what to do with it, but frankly never found the time to invest into any serious replacement, I don’t post very often and I rarely have the time to spend a weekend moving to an alternative. However, this weekend I got just that!

I have a couple of friends that run their own blogs, that helped me formulate my descision. One uses HUGO, and the other uses Jekyll. Both were strong contenders but I found hugo to be the easiest to pick up, and had some nice wordpress migration paths.

Static CMS’s are a new thing to me, but I can see why the modern world has adopted them. They’re quick, easy to manage and easy to quickly add new content with a simple pipeline to deploy.

I won’t rattle on about it forever, as there are plenty of resources online about Hugo, but I think (for me) it is here to stay.

Shout out to Daniel Cadden for my inspiration and Steve Relf for giving me a nice example of jekyll in the real world