Welcome to Ainsey11.com!

My name is Robert and I am a techie in the UK, I work at a small company in the medical sector, administering their servers, systems and applications. It can mean long hours, but in reality, it’s an awesome job.

I used to be a Windows fanboy, but in recent years I’ve moved over to Linux and much prefer it, doing work on AWS, Openstack and much more, though still occasionally get my toes wet in a bit of Windows administration.

I like making things do stuff they shouldn’t, in software or hardware, it’s great fun and you always learn something when you take it apart, it’s even better when you put it back together and it still works!

Because of work, I don’t get chance to write often on here, but I will try to keep it as up to date as possible, If I find it handy or think that fellow techies would benefit, I’ll try to post it on the blog.

If you want to get in touch, drop a message to my facebook page, leave a comment on here or fire me an e-mail at : robert[at]ainsey11.com

Please, have a look around, and enjoy!